Side Effects of e-Liquids

If you experience any negative reaction to the use of e-Liquids then cease using that liquid immediately. There are three ingredients in e-Liquid that may cause a reaction in a very small number of people. The vast majority of people will experience no allergic issue with e-Liquid.

What reactions can people have to e-Liquid?

Allergic reactions to e-Liquid are typically mild.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is always the first ingredient people blame for a reaction to e-Liquid. The truth is it is VERY unlikely you are allergic to propylene glycol. Also, given the prolific use of propylene glycol in medication and food, it is unlikely you would be unaware that you had such an allergy. That propylene glycol has a chemical sounding name is the more likely reason for its unfairly being blamed first.
That said there are a VERY small number of people who are genuinely allergic to propylene glycol. Switching to a high vegetable glycerine blend may help.


The nicotine used in e-Liquid is in a different form to that found in …

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Steeping e-Liquid

When you make a cup of tea it takes time for the tea leaves to infuse into the water. This process is called steeping.
Your e-Liquid also has to undergo a period of steeping for the fullness of the flavouring to come through.

When do you have to steep e-Liquid?

Steeping isn’t always necessary. Mint and fruit flavours typically take very little time to steep or are ready immediately upon being mixed. Desert flavours or complex blends may benefit from a period of steeping before being used.

How do you steep e-Liqiud?


If your e-Liquid doesn’t taste quite right then it may need to steep a little longer. Give it a shake (to ensure the liquid is properly mixed) and put it in a cupboard or drawer for a week or so. Steeping needn’t be considered any more complicated than this. Time is all you need.


Many people advocate heating e-Liquid to speed up the steeping process either in a hot water bath or in the microwave. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Heat is …

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Choosing Your Blend

Not sure what mix of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerine to get? Not sure what nicotine strength to get? This guide is for you.


Nicotine both satisfies the craving for stimulants that smokers seek and provides the “throat hit” or sharp feeling in the back of the throat that smokers of cigarettes will be used to.
Nicotine has a peppery taste in higher concentrations which can conflict with or effect flavour.


0mg/ml (NIL) For non smokers
3mg/ml (0.3%) Just a touch of nicotine for occasional smokers or users of devices that deliver very large quantities of vapor per draw
6mg/ml (0.6%) For light cigarette smokers or users of devices that deliver large quantifies of vapor per draw
12mg/ml (1.2%) For heavy smokers of light cigarettes or light smokers of full strength cigarettes or users of devices that deliver normal quantities of vapor per draw
18mg/ml (1.8%) For smokers of full strength cigarettes and users of devices that deliver modest quantities of vapor per draw
24mg/ml (2.4%) Extra strong for very heavy smokers of

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