Steeping e-Liquid

When you make a cup of tea it takes time for the tea leaves to infuse into the water. This process is called steeping.
Your e-Liquid also has to undergo a period of steeping for the fullness of the flavouring to come through.

When do you have to steep e-Liquid?

Steeping isn’t always necessary. Mint and fruit flavours typically take very little time to steep or are ready immediately upon being mixed. Desert flavours or complex blends may benefit from a period of steeping before being used.

How do you steep e-Liqiud?


If your e-Liquid doesn’t taste quite right then it may need to steep a little longer. Give it a shake (to ensure the liquid is properly mixed) and put it in a cupboard or drawer for a week or so. Steeping needn’t be considered any more complicated than this. Time is all you need.


Many people advocate heating e-Liquid to speed up the steeping process either in a hot water bath or in the microwave. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Heat is damaging to e-Liquid and can speed up oxygenation or the break down of the ingredients.


Many advocate letting your e-Liquid “breath”. Essentially leaving the bottle to sit for a day or two with the top off to allow air into the mixture. As a rule you shouldn’t need to breath your e-Liquid. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are hygroscopic compounds (meaning they attract and hold water) which makes exposure to air for long periods a bad idea. When nicotine is exposed to oxygen it breaks down and becomes deactivated (meaning the it lowers the nicotine content of your e-Liquid). The jury is still out on exactly when breathing can aid the taste of an e-Liquid but steeping should be your first choice rather than letting oxygen have it’s way.