E-Liquid Flavor Ideas to Vape On

If you’re new to vaping you might be overwhelmed with all the opportunities of flavors to vape. You probably first started out with tobacco flavors, then moved to menthol and finally to fruit. Now you don’t know where to go! There’s a whole world of e-juice flavors out there for you to explore. Let me guide you through the best ones to try and vape.

Dessert Vapes

Vaping dessert flavors are one of the best things to do. You get to experience all the yummy flavors of your favorite desserts, without the calories! A moment on the lips, but no lifetime on the hips! You may even find some unique flavor experiences you could never imagine like Country Clouds Cornbread Pudding. When you first read the name, it doesn’t seem very interesting. But, according to reviews, the flavor is unlike anything out there in terms of yumminess.

Any dessert you can imagine has an e-liquid flavor to boot. From boston cream donuts, to strawberry ice creams, to chewy cookies, to silky cream, from apple pie’s to cannoli’s and crumb cake, you can enjoy any dessert flavor your heart desires.

Beverage Vapes

With vaping e-liquids, you can enjoy your favorite dessert every day alongside your favorite beverage. Love coffee? Pick up a cappuccino vape. Feeling the craving of an apple martini but don’t want the hangover? Try out alcohol flavored e-liquids. If it’s a hot summer day and you need to be refreshed, why not vape on your lemonade flavor? The selection of beverage vapes are endless, from milkshakes to soda.

Candy Vapes

Candy flavored e-liquids are the best option for those with even a slight sweet tooth. Forget about calories and cavities, and simply enjoy the amazing flavor of skittles, swedish fish, warheads, or any of your other favorite candies in vape form. Growing up isn’t so bad after all!

Cereal Vapes

You can now enjoy your favorite childhood cereal in vape form. Cocopops, Trix, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch – every one of your best cereals has an e-liquid flavor that you can enjoy. Cereal type vapes usually have a creamy milk flavor alongside chocolate, cinnamon and fruit, depending on the cereal the e-liquid is based on.



Your Turn to Explore

These are just a few examples of different types of e-liquid flavor categories outside of tobacco, menthol and fruit that are definitely worth exploring. Some of these e-liquid flavors offer amazing benefits, like satisfying cravings that would otherwise be satisfied in unhealthy ways. There are also many specific flavors in each category. For example, in dessert vapes you can find a coconut lime cake. Have fun, explore and vape on!